The Story behind the Organ Donor Awareness Foundation

The Organ Donor Awareness Foundation is a nonprofit organization which was founded by a 54 year old heart transplant patient, Neal Bira. The Foundation, along with Neal, is managed by a very special group of concerned and dedicated volunteers. Neal is just one of those people who always wants to do for others. The most difficult part of his illness was not about him, but about the children of the man who donated his heart.

Neal’s goal is to increase organ donor awareness and to raise money for education, life’s necessities and provide professional support for the children and families of organ donor heroes.

Imagine, if you will, facing the loss of a father, mother, husband or wife, and then facing the financial realities that quickly set in. Dreams and hopes are often gone overnight. The reality of the loss combined with the realities of life can often be overwhelming, that is where the Organ Donor Awareness Foundation tries to help.

The goal of the Organ Donor Awareness Foundation is to increase organ donor awareness and to provide funds to help the children and families of organ donors so their dreams become a reality. “We want to make sure they are not forgotten or left in a state of devastation when their loved one passes; after they were generous and angelic enough to pass life on to another,” said Neal Bira, ODAF’s founder. The money raised will help provide educational opportunities and necessities for those families and children left under duress as a result of the financial hardship caused by the death of a parent who was an Organ Donor Hero.

Neal has recruited his friends, family members and many other wonderful people to become part of his Team to make his dream come true. “It is amazing how many people have so very generously donated money, their products and their services to help the Organ Donor Awareness Team to reach our goals.”

Sallustiano DeJesus’s was Neal’s Organ Donor Hero who saved Neal’s life. When Neal found out that Sallustiano’s son, Jeffrey wanted to go to college and become a Professional Chef, all Neal could think of was how he could help Jeffrey fulfill his dream.

IT’S NOT ABOUT ME, says Neal. “It’s about Jeffrey and all the other children and families of the Organ Donor Heroes who we need to take care of and make sure that they are okay.”

It is the famililes and in particular the children who are many times forgotten when an organ donor hero passes away. ODAF is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization so your contribution is fully tax deductible.

The Organ Donor Awareness Foundation provides an opportunity for these children to pursue their education, reach their goals, and fulfill their dreams for the future.

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